Baruca’s Long Time Partners

Fakir Apparels LTD

Deluxe Apparel LTD

Odyssey Craft LTD

Pearl Prince Apparels LTD

Piangka Apparels LTD

Rennaissance Group

Techno Fibre Ltd

Pioneer Denim

Hameem Denim

Nice Denim

Amber Denim

Aaron Denim

Deyao Textile

Fuguang Textile

Globe Texlites

Yogotex Denim

PRODUCTION CAPACITY : 650,000 Pcs per Month.
NUMBER OF LINE : 22 Lines.
NUMBER OF MACHINERIES : 422 nos. of Sewing Machinery.
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES : 1,440 persons
TOTAL FACTORY AREA : 75,000 Sft of Procuction Area.
PRODUCTION FACILITIES : Knitting, Fabric Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing.
1. Audited by Accord for Building Safety Assessment.
2. Audited by ILO for Electrical Safety Assessment.
3. Audited by ILO for Fire Safety Assessment.
4. Full Compliance Audit conducted by ITS Latest Bangladesh Ltd. For the buyer Monoprix Exploitation, Canada.
5. BSCI & Oeko Tex for Baruca Fashion Inc.