The message from the President of Baruca Fashion Inc.

Baruca Fashion Inc. is a well-established reputed Denim Fashion Company in Canada. It has a renowned buying office in Dhaka, Bangladesh and where it offers to Global Buyers the ultimate and comprehensive solutions like:

1) Design and Development of the products;
2) Branding and marketing of the products;
3) Market analysing and sourcing the yarn and fabrics locally and Internationally;
4) Optimising the production timeline as well as lead time through proper merchandising;
5) Inline quality control and robust testing;
6) Comply with Social & Safety rules;
7) Sustainability &
8) Logistics;

The above all is possible as we are having a knowledgeable, experienced, creative and hardworking team.

President, Baruca Fashion Inc.
Naima Elfalah

Recyle Jeans

Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling takes all your worn denim and recycles it into insulation. By donating to them, you are helping to keep textile waste out of our landfills and toxins out of our environment. … If you don’t have a participating store near you, you can mail your denim to Blue Jeans Go Green.

Can I recycle old jeans?
We all know denim is made to last, but if you’ve worn yours into the ground and it’s time to move on, you can now bring it into select General Pants stores where we’ll recycle or repurpose it. Yes, you read that correctly. … This is our way of enabling you to more easily recycle so your denim doesn’t end up in landfill.

What can I do with jeans I don’t want?
What to Do with Old Jeans That Don’t Fit You Anymore
See if you can still work around the waistline. Before you let go of them, give your jeans one final chance! …
Swap them for a discount. …
Sell them. …
Donate them. …
Repurpose them.